September 17, 2014

Research collaboration between KEPE and the Stern School of Business of New York University.


As part of its research collaborations with international universities and research organizations, KEPE has been collaborating with Stern School of Business of New York University (NYU). NYU is one of the most historical universities of the USA, founded in 1831, and Stern School of Business is one of the most prestigious schools of Business and Economic studies in the world. With 3 Nobel laureates in its faculty, namely Michael Spence (2001 Nobel Prize Winner), Robert Engle (2003 Nobel Prize Winner), and Thomas Sargent (2011 Nobel Prize Winner), Stern School of business has consistently been ranked among the world’s top Business Schools by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week and Financial Times.


As part of the KEPE – NYU collaboration, research is currently being conducted with the Operations, Information and Management Sciences Department (IOMS) on the topic of Greek Government bonds issuance. This research project’s goal is to characterize an optimal portfolio of debt issuance (in the minimum-cost sense for the Greek government) so that fiscal obligations of the state can be met while being capable of a sustainable economic growth. Joining this research project are distinguished professors of the Stern School of Business, with research coordinator Professor Mike Pinedo, along with KEPE researchers with Scientific Coordinator the Chairman of KEPE, Professor Nikolaos Philippas, and research coordinator Dr. Nikolaos Georgikopoulos, senior research associate at KEPE and Visiting Research Professor at Stern School of Business.


The Chairman of KEPE, following a formal invitation, will visit the University of New York between September 29 and October 2, 2014, where he will meet with internationally acknowledged Professors such as the Dean of the Stern School of Business, Professor Peter Henry, the Vice Dean, Professor Eitan Zemel, and the Chairman of the IOMS of the Stern School of Business, Professor Alex Tuzhilin.


At the same time, a KEPE’s agreement with the Stern School of Business is in progress, regarding the participation of honors MBA students of the faculty in research projects and studies that KEPE will undertake concerning the Greek economy.


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