Research Seminars


The current program:                                                  (Please check back for last minute changes)


Οctober 10, 2019. P. Prodromidis, L. Zaggelidis

A quantitative analysis of agricultural production in Greece, 2004-2016


April 17, 2019. P. Prodromidis

The evolution of bank-loans for domestic production after the first memorandum, June 2010-December 2018


April 26, 2017. P. Prodromidis

Deriving the labor market areas of Greece from commuting flows


February 3, 2016. Paris Paraskevaidis

Competitiveness of Greek agriculture in global markets: the case of fresh edible and non-edible agricultural products


January 28, 2016. Efthymia Kyriakopoulou

Atmospheric Pollution in Rapidly Growing Industrial Cities: Spatial Policies and Land Use Patterns


May 12, 2015. A. Chymis, Paolo D’Anselmi

Opening Public Administration to Corporate Social Responsibility


April 21, 2015. Th. Tsekeris

Network analysis of inter-sectoral relationships and key economic sectors


March 31, 2015. A. Koutroulis, Y. Panagopoulos, E. Tsouma

Is there an asymmetric response in unemployment rate to changes in output? A hidden cointegration approach


March 17, 2015. M. Chondrokouki

The role of uncertainty in investment: An examination using residential real estate data from eight OECD countries.


January 21, 2015. P. Prodromidis

Sectoral changes across Greek and EU regions in the wake of the global financial and economic crisis.



February, March etc. TBA.       Organizer: A. Chymis.