April 16, 2013

Effective April 1st 2013, Professor Nikolaos D. Philippas has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board and Scientific Director of the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE).

Mr. Philippas is Associate Professor at the University of Piraeus in the Department of Business Administration.

Mr. Philippas has numerous publications in almost all Greek EconomicJournals and the relative Financial Press. His academic and professional research ispublished in global academic journals, such as International Review of Financial Analysis, Journalof International Financial Markets,     Institutions and Money, European     Journal of     Finance, Journal     of Multinational Financial Management, Applied Mathematics & Computation, Applied Economics, Applied Financial Economics, Applied Financial Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letters, Managerial and Decision Economics, International Review of Economics and Business, Journal of Applied Business Research, Research in International Business and Finance, Economics Bulletin etc.

One of his publications entitled: “Estimation of Price Parameters: Bank Stock Price and the Variance Components Model”, (Applied Economics, 1988) is included in     the collection of     the most     appreciable articles in   the field of Finance. This collection was edited by the Professor R. Brealey (Bibliography of Finance, 1991, MIT Press).

Additionally, two published papers (Applied Economics, 1988 and Managerial and Decision Economics 1993) are included in the collection of the most important scientific contributions in the area of Economics and Finance, concerning the Greek Financial Market. This collection was edited by Dr. G. Tsetsekos (Economic and Finance Research related to Greece: 44 Years of Academic Contributions, Drexel University, July 1998).

Apart from this, his paper entitled “Chasing trend and losing money: Open end mutual fund investor’s trading in Greece” was rewarded by the University of Piraeus for his contribution in the progress and promotion of the institution.

His research interests are in the broad domain of Equity Investments, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets, Mutual Funds, Wealth Management, Pension Fund Management, Financial Planning and Behavioral Finance. He has published five books. Specifically, his books “Mutual Funds and Financial Markets” (1999) and “Investments” (2005) are out of print.     His most recent book is “Mutual Funds”(2010).

Μr. Philippas has also presented his work at several International Academic Conferences, such as World Finance Conference, Multinational Finance Society Conference, Business & Economics Society International Conference etc. He has a long teaching, as well as, market experience in the Greek Capital and Money Market as executive of Mutual Fund Management Companies, Investment Services Companies etc. From June 2005 to September 2008 he was member of the European Investment Bank Audit Committee (EIB) and from September 2004 to July 2009 he was member of the Board of Directors of Piraeus Port Authority.

He has worked with companies such as E.T.B.A, Allianz, Helvetia, Intertrust, Eurobank, Alpha Bank and the Hellenic Banking Association, giving lectures about Financial Planning, Stock Market Investments Analysis, Behavioral Finance and Mutual Funds.