March 1, 2013

The report “Investment Opportunities in Greece – The path to Recovery and Sustainable Growth which was conducted by KEPE, was submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Research team: Dr. Nikolaos I. Georgikopoulos (Coordinator – KEPE),

 Dr. E. Athanassiou (KEPE), Dr. J. M. Barrionuevo (StormHarbour, NY), Dr. C. Beneki (TEI of Ionian Islands), Mr. V. Boukas (KEPE), Dr. A. Chymis (KEPE), Prof. N Christofides (Imperial College London, UK), Mr. E. Demian (ΙΟΒΕ), Dr. Ε. D. Hatzakis (USB – NY), Prof. M. Jefferson (London Metropolitan University, UK), Prof. Mikis Stasinopoulos (London Metropolitan University, UK), Dr. G. Skintzi (KEPE), Dr. E. Tsouma (KEPE), Mr. C. Triantopoulos (Ministry of Finance), Mr. K. Kanellopoulos (Bank of Greece), Dr. R. Karagiannis (KEPE), Dr. Ε. Κasimati (Bank of Greece), Dr. I. Lekkos (Piraeus Bank), Dr. D. Maroulis (Alpha Bank),  Dr. P. Monokroussos (Eurobank), Prof. M. Pinedo (Stern School of Business – NYU),  Dr. T. Tsekeris (KEPE), Dr. N. Vagionis (KEPE), Dr. V. Voudouris (London Metropolitan Business School, UK), Mrs Fragiska Voumvaki (National Bank of Greece).