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J. Cavounidis, I. Cholezas. 2015.


DP 145 exof 200x294This paper compares the labour force participation in Greece of young women aged 15-29 of Greek and Albanian nationality and investigates the corresponding determining factors. The data show that among the younger age cohort, containing women aged 15-21, nationals of Albania are more likely to participate in the labour market than Greek nationals. On the contrary, among women aged 22-29, Albanian nationals are much less likely to participate in the labour force than Greek nationals. As years of stay in Greece increase, female Albanian nationals, irrespective of age, tend to converge to the LFP patterns of their Greek counterparts and often to surpass them. Further, young female Albanians differ from natives in key characteristics; they are much more likely to be married and are usually less educated. Our main research contribution is the use of the female labour force participation rate in Albania at the time of immigration to Greece to gauge cultural norms brought to the host country. Following the literature, we believe the relationships ascertained may indicate the effect of culture of the source country on the choice of immigrants to participate or not in the labour market of the host country, while at the same time allowing for the impact of institutional arrangements concerning access to residence permits for foreign nationals in Greece, which together with prevailing cultural norms concerning gender roles, favour early marriage for women so that they can gain stay permits as spouses.