Issue No 40 – October 2019





1. Macroeconomic analysis and projections

1.1. Main demand components: Developments and prospects
       Yannis Panagopoulos, Konstantinos Loizos, pages 4-13

1.2. The evolution of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Greece and in the Eurozone
       Emilia Marsellou, pages 13-15


1.3. Factor model forecasts for the short-term prospects in GDP

       Factor Model Economic Forecasting Unit Ersi Athanassiou, Theodore Tsekeris, Ekaterini Tsouma, pages 16-18


1.4. International environment: Recent developments and prospects of the global economic activity
       Aristotelis Koutroulis, pages 19-21


2. Public finance

2.1. The evolution and structure of public debt
       Fotini Economou, pages 22-27


3. Human resources and social policies

3.1. Recent developments in key labour market variables
       Ioannis Cholezas, pages 28-35

3.2. Basic income inequality indices in Greece
       Vlassis Missos, pages 35-38


4. Development policies and sectors

4.1. Developments in the Greek tourism sector
       Nikolaos Vagionis, George Soklispages 39-48

4.2. Analysis of the industrial sector based on industrial production and turnover indices
       Konstantinos Passas, pages 49-53



Special topics


Brexit and its effects on trade in goods: The case of Greece
Ersi Athanassiou, pages 54-73


On the measurement and the multidimensional analysis of productivity in Greece
Prόdromos Prodromídis, pages 74-84


Investigation of the implictions of Basel III on the profitability of the Greek banking sector
Stephanos Papadamou, Dimitrios Sogiakas, Vasilios Sogiakas, Kanellos Toudas 85-93