Issue No 51 – June 2023



Executive Summary


1. Recent (macro-)economic developments

1.1. The evolution of aggregate demand components as we return to normality,
       Yannis Panagopoulos, Konstantinos Loizos, pages 7-14

1.2. Recent developments of the inflation in Greece and the euro area: De-escalation of energy inflation – Food inflation remains high,
       Emilia Marsellou, pages 15-18


1.3. Factor model forecasts for the short-term prospects in GDP,

       Factor Model Economic Forecasting Unit Ersi Athanassiou, Aristotelis Koutroulis, Emilia Marsellou, Theodore Tsekeris, pages 19-21


1.4. A positive start to 2023 for the Greek stock market,
       Fotini Economou, pages 22-25


1.5. Recent developments and prospects of global economic activity: Slowdown of global economic growth amid deteriorating financial conditions,
       Aristotelis Koutroulis, pages 26-30


2. Fiscal developments

2.1. State Budget, public debt and fiscal figures perspectives,
       Elisavet Nitsi, pages 31-36


3. Human resources and social policies

3.1. Recent developments in key labour market variables,
       Ioannis Cholezas, pages 37-43

3.2. Poverty and social exclusion,
       Vlassis Missos, pages 44-46


4. Reforms-Economic development


4.1. Developments and use of digital public services in Greece,
       Ersi Athanassiou, Agapi Kotsi, pages 47-54


4.2. External trade of agri-food products,
       Athanasios Chymis, pages 55-59


Special topics


Greece’s recent economic performance and post-pandemic prospects
Prόdromos Prodromίdis, pages 60-73


The Greek energy sector and the impact of natural gas prices on domestic electricity prices
Vassilis Lychnaras, Costas Passas, pages 74-86


International developments on inflation and banks – Market concentration and interest rate policy of the Greek banking system
Georgios Bertsatos, pages 87-99