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E. Athanasiou, A. Koutroulis. 2018. | ISBN 978-960-341-121-5 


ek 79 Cover 200 294

Shipbuilding is an industry in which Greece has recorded a notable performance in the past, while also possessing crucial conditions for substantial and sustainable growth in the future. However, in recent years, shipbuilding activity in Greece has declined dramatically in terms of both volume and range of shipbuilding projects, while the large shipyards of Skaramagas, Elefsis and Syros have been facing serious problems that significantly impact the country’s entire shipbuilding industry. This situation raises many important questions concerning, among other things, the domestic and international factors that led Greece’s shipbuilding industry to this point and the prospects and conditions for the revival of the country’s large shipyards. 

The above issues are investigated systematically for the first time in the present report, which aims at a multifaceted assessment of the course and prospects of the domestic shipbuilding industry. The approach adopted in the report includes the analysis of the international and European framework of the relevant market, the investigation of the main developments and characteristics of the domestic shipbuilding and repair industry and the identification of its particular advantages and problems, with an emphasis on the large shipyards of Skaramagas, Elefsina and Syros. 

The study incorporates data and information available at the time of writing (April 2017) and includes an executive summary in English (pages 25-29).





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