koinonikh synoxh exofylo


Edited by J. Cavounidis. 2014. | ISBN 978-960-341-108-6


koinonikh synoxh exofylo

The severe economic hardship faced today by large groups of the Greek population has serious social and psychological consequences. The conference organized by KEPE on May 5, 2013 aimed to examine the social and psychological dimensions of the economic crisis. The goal was not only to identify the social needs and problems that have been created by the crisis, but also to assess what we have learned from the crisis about Greek society and the social dimensions of the Greek economy, and on the basis of these lessons, discuss directions for new strategies and policies.

Among the dimensions of the crisis that were examined in the papers presented at the conference and that appear in this volume are the human cost of the crisis, the social needs created, and the attempts to meet these needs by social provisions of the state as well as by informal networks such as families. The impact of the crisis on human welfare was also examined, and specifically on the physical and mental health of the population. Another focus was trust of citizens in institutions and social cohesion. On the basis of lessons from the crisis, new ways of thinking and new economic models to overcome the crisis and facilitate economic development were also discussed.

As has become increasingly evident, social cohesion is crucial for sustainable economic development and social welfare. Today it is necessary to transform the challenges posed by the economic crisis into opportunities, in order to lay the foundations for a new trajectory of economic development with social cohesion.  This volume aims to contribute to this major project.


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