T. Terrovitis. 2005. | ISBN: 960-341-056-X


The objective of the study is to estimate the impact of the production and the use of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) on the Greek economy. In particular the objective is to estimate the contribution of the ICT sector and of the ICT capital equipment on the productivity and the rate of change of the total economy during the 1988 – 2001 period, with emphasis on the second half of this decade.

The estimates are based on the rational derived by the Growth Accounting Approach. Any diversion from the complete application of this approach is due to the inadequacies of the necessary data.

Due to the fact that for Greece there are no other studies on this subject, in this study, and in order to put the estimates and the conclusions in the right perspective, there is a rather extensive reference on certain subjects which, although should have been, there are not given. Among these subjects are included: methodology, estimates for other countries, definition of the sector, data on the production and uptake of ICT in Greece, procedures of creating the statistical series.

The conclusions of the study for the contribution of ICT to the rates of change of GDP and of productivity of labor, is that in the 1989 – 2001 period, ICT played an important role and in the case of Greece. As it happened with other countries, so and in the case of Greece, this is especially true for the period after 1995. This conclusion is based on estimates made for the contribution of the production of ICT, as well as, on the relationship coefficients between the changes of productivity of labor by sector and the corresponding by sector changes of the per employee investments in ICT equipment.

From the estimates for the ICT sector it is also concluded that its contribution almost coincide with that of the telecommunications subsector.

In comparison to the other EU countries, Greece, with the exception of telecommunications, is lacking in all of the relevant indices of production and uptake of ICT.