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Agricultural Economics

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Agricultural Economics Review

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Annals of Operations Research

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Applied Economics Letters

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Applied Economics

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Applied Financial Economics

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Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining

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Biomass & Bioenergy

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  • British Journal of Sociology
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British Journal of Sociology

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Communist and Post-Communist Studies

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Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

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Cyprus Economic Policy Review

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Economic Modelling

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Economics Bulletin

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Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

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Empirical Economics

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Empirical Economics Letters

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Engineering Economics

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Environment and Planning A

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Environmental Modelling and Assessment

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European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research

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European Planning Studies

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European Research Studies

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European Spatial Research and Policy

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European Transport Research Review

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Food Economics-Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica

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Greek Review of Social Research

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IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems

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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

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Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems

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Intereconomics: Review of European Economic Policy

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International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics

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International Journal of Economics

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International Journal of Economics and Business Modeling

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International Journal of Financial Services Management

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International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering

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International Journal of Manpower

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International Journal of Production Economics

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International Journal of Transport Economics

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International Migration

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International Migration Review

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International Review of Applied Economics

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International Review of Financial Analysis

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Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization

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Journal of Air Transport Management

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Journal of Balkan and Near East Studies

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Journal of Banking and Finance

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Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis

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Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics

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Journal of Economic Asymmetries

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Journal of European Economic History

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Journal of European Real Estate Research

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Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money

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Journal of Maps

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Journal of Modern Greek Studies

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Journal of Policy Modeling

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Journal of Post Keynesian Economics

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Journal of Property Investment and Finance

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Journal of Public Transportation

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Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

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Journal of Real Estate Literature

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Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans 

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Journal of Transport Geography

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Journal of Transportation and Statistics

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Journal of Transportation Engineering

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Journal of Urban Economics

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Labour Economics

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New Medit

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Review of Development Economics

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Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies

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Scottish Journal of Political Economy

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Social Responsibility Journal

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Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

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South Eastern Europe Journal of Economics

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Transport Policy

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Transportation Planning and Technology

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