April 3rd 2008. The dynamic management of financial risks

N. Christofides (Imperial College London)

March 27th 2008. Threshold regressions with endogenous variables

Th. Stengos (U. of Guelph)

February 21st 2008. Book presentation and discussion of Cl. Εfstratoglou’s “ Financing and insurance of export credits”

D. Giannos (Min. Economic and Finance)

February 7th 2008. Capital vs O.M. spending on infrastructure and their role for U.S. productivity growth

S. Κalyvitis (AUEB)

January 24th 2008. The Distributional impact of mortgage interest tax relief in Western Europe

Ε. Matsaganis (AUEB)

January 17th 2008. Migration, Tied Foreign Aid and the Welfare State

P. Hatzipanagiotou (AUEB)

December 20th 2007. Econometric Investigation of Piracy in Greece

Ε. Panas (AUEB)

November 2th 2007. Book presentation and discussion of Α. Balfoussias and K. Kotsis’ “Minimum guaranteed income in EE15 countries and possibilities in its implementation to Greece.”

P. Τsakloglou (AUEB)

October 11th 2007. So the Last Shall be First, and the First Last: Efficiency in the US Mutual Fund Market

Κ. Drakos (U. Patras)

April 19th 2007. Book presentation and discussion of G. Kostelenos, D. Vasiliou, E. Kounaris, S. Petmezas and M. Sfakianakis’s “Gross Domestic Product 1830-1939”

Th. Skountzos (U. Piraeus)