February 9th 2006. Book presentation and discussion of C. Kanellopoulos’ “Economic aspects of adult training”

Th. Lianos (AUEB)


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October 20th 2005. Competition and State

Ι. Κatsoulacos (AUEB)

October 13th 2005. Another Look at the Linear q-Model: An Empirical Analysis of Aggregate Business Capital Spending

S. Κalyvitis (AUEB)

May 29th 2005. Technology adoption under production risk: Theory and application to irrigation technology

Ph. Koundouri (U. Reading, UCL)

May 12th 2005. Economic Integration, Uncertainty and Trade, The European Experience

V. Alexander (Justus Liebig U. Giessen)

May 5th 2005. Estimation of technical and allocative inefficiency in a translog cost system. An exact maximum likelihood approach

E. Τsionas (AUEB)

April 14th 2005. Recent Trends in Econometrics

Ν. Pittis (U. Piraeus)

March 31st 2005. Determining the Order of Differencing and the True Generating Model using Information Criteria

Ch. Agiakloglou (U. Piraeus)

March 22nd 2005. Book presentation and discussion of “Essays in Economic Analysis”, a festschrift for the 45th foundation anniversary of KEPE.

T. Lianos (AUEB), I. Mourmouras (U. Macedonia), Α. Αtzoulatos (U. Piraeus)


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February 15th 2005. Book presentation and discussion of Th. Zervou’s “The financing of the Greek pension system: 1981-2000”.

Κ. Αnagnostopoulos (National Actuarial Authority)