Professor James Kenneth Galbrath visited KEPE, and discussed with KEPE researchers  various issues about the international economic crisis.
The book «Size, Profile and Labour Market Analysis of Immigration in Greece», written by the senior researcher of KEPE Mr. Costas Kanellopoulos, was presented by Mr. Theodore Lianos, Professor Emeritus, at the Athens University of Economics and Business.  
Mr George Kapetanios, Professor at Queen Mary College, in London, gave a seminar titled «A review of factor models for academic and policy research»
The book "The evolution and Viability of the Greek pension system", by Mrs. F. Zevou and the book "The Economic and Demographic Viability of the Greek Social Insurance System", by L. Athanassiou, F. Zervou and A. Kotsi (2009) (in Greek)  were presented: the first by the Director of Analogistic Studies…
KEPE organized an anniversary scientific conference to celebrate the 50 years since its foundation. The conference was greeted by the Minister of Economics, Competitiveness and Shipping, Professor Louka Katseli,the Vice-President of the Government Mr. Theodore Pagalos(with a letter), and the Chairman of the Board and Scientific Director of KEPE, Professor…