Athanasios Chymis
Athanasios Chymis
Senior Research Fellow


Institutions, Competitiveness, Corporate Social Responsibility
Ethics and Economics, Institutional Economics, Social Responsibility, Agricultural Economics
Social Responsibility of Public Administration, The role of Institutions on Competitiveness, External trade of Agrifood products

Contact Info

Amerikis 11, Athens 106 72
210-3676 337
210-3611136, 210-3630122

Curriculum Vitae


Academic Credentials

  • Ph.D. Agricultural Economics. University of Missouri-Columbia. USA (2007).
  • M.A. Economics. University of Missouri-Columbia. USA (2007).
  • D.E.A. (M.A.). Economie du Développement Agricole Agro-alimentaire et Rural. Université de Montpellier I, France (2000).
  • B.A. Agricultural Economics. Agricultural University of Athens. Greece (1997).

Professional Experience

  • Research Fellow. Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) (since 2008).
  • Visiting Lecturer. Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) post-graduate program (2007-2012).
  • Teaching Assistant. Department of Economics. University of Missouri-Columbia (acad. year 2006).
  • Research Assistant. Department of Agricultural Economics. University of Missouri-Columbia (acad. years 2002 – 2005).

Honors and Awards

  • Studying Abroad Scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) (academic years: 2002-2005).
  • Ronald Coase Institute Fellowship (Sep. 2005).
  • Lindau Young Scientists Fellowship in order to participate to the 1st Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences (Sept. 2004).

Publications & Research Output

Refereed Articles in Journals

Contributions in Collective Volumes

Books, Monographs

Contributions in KEPE Collaborations regarding Development Plans and related projects

  • The productivity and competitiveness of the Greek economy: Annual Report 2019. Author of section 3.2.1 International Competitiveness Indices (pp: 45-48), as collaborator of the Greek National Productivity Board, 2019.
  • Participation to the project Εgov-INNO (Interreg Greece-Italy 2014-2020), for the Regional Development Fund of Western Greece, scientific advisor Dr. P. Prodromidis, 2019.
  • The Market Definition/Delimitation and Analyses Project - Pilot Study (2015). Author of section 4, Vol. 1 pp: 29-33, coordinator of Vol.1 and presenter of one of the deliverables. The study was supervised by Dr. P. Prodromidis and prepared for the Greek Ministry of Development and Competitiveness [in Greek].
  • Tax policy on tobacco products in Greece. Government revenues and illicit trade (2014). Author of section 3.1 “Economic theory on tax revenues and tax-rate change.” KEPE Collective study [in Greek].
  • Illicit tobacco trade in Greece (2014). Author of sections 4.3 “How the price difference between low and high priced cigarettes affects illicit trade” and, 5.3 “How price elasticity affects government revenues.” The study was coordinated by Dr. N. Georgikopoulos.
  • The Development Vision for Greece 2020: Provisions, development requirements and funding mechanisms (2013). Author of the chapters “Fishing sector” and “Common Fisheries Policy.” The study was co-ordinated by Dr. E. Athanasiou, Dr. Th. Tsekeris and Dr. E. Tsouma [in Greek].
  • Investment Opportunities in Greece (2011). Author of the chapter “Investment Opportunities in the Industry-Manufacturing Sector”, (pp: 11-18). The study was coordinated by Dr. N. Georgikopoulos, Athens: Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping. Updated in 2013.
  • Electronic Transactions: The effect on government revenues through VAT (2011). Author of section “The case of South Korea” and part of section “Proposals for application in Greece”. The study was coordinated by Dr. N. Georgikopoulos, Athens, Greek Parliament [in Greek].
  • Size of Competition in the Greek Economy (2010). Author of chapters: 2 “Meat Products”, 3 “Fish Industry” and, 4 “Fruits and Vegetables Industry” (pp: 43-129). The study was coordinated by Dr. C. Kanellopoulos, Athens: Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping [in Greek].
  • Agricultural Sector: Evolution and Perspectives (2008). Author of chapter 4, “External Trade and Competitiveness” (“External Trade” pp: 121-159). The study was coordinated by Dr. I. Reziti, Athens: Ministry of Economics [in Greek].

Other scholarly publications

Discussion-Working Papers

Research in Progress

  • Opening Public Administration to Social Responsibility. Co-authored book with P. D’Anselmi.
  • “Institutions and Competitiveness.”
  • “Agro-food sector in Greece: competitiveness, extroversion and growth prospects” (in collaboration with G. Skintzi).
  • “Deflation: An alternative view.”
  • “Essays on Competitiveness.”

Participation in International Professional Meetings and Conferences

Domestic Conferences, Scholarly Presentations and Lectures (mostly in Greek)

Formal Classroom Assignments                

  • Corporate Governance. Master’s program of Management Studies at the University of Peloponnese at Kalamata (2019).
  • Economics of Institutions. Guest lectures at the under graduate programme of the Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Department of the Agricultural University of Athens (2018-2019).
  • Market Structure. Master’s program of Business Economics and Management Department of Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (2007-2012) assessment score: 4/5 (average).
  • Introductory Microeconomics. University of Missouri-Columbia (acad. year 2006) assessment score: 4.3/5.

Supervision of master's theses

(At the Business Economics and Management department of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania -MAICh)

  • Margaryan Anna (2014-2015) “An Alternative View of the Causes of the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis: The Austrian Economics perspective”.
  • Smilevska Bisera (2012-2013) “Government support for Corporate Social Responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises in FYRMacedonia: A Comparative Study of the Food and IT Industries
  • Igityan Nune (2010-2011) “B2C e-Commerce in Developing Countries: the Case of Armenia
  • Mohamed Mohamed (2009-2010) “Consumers; Motivations and Barriers towards Organic Food: the Case of Egypt
  • Faghali Majed (2008-2009) “An in-depth study of the Lebanese Wine Sector: Financial Analysis and Future Perspectives”.
  • Larbi Walid (2008-2009) “Impact of Government Policies and Incentives to Promote the Sector of Agricultural Products in Tunisia: The Case of Olive Oil”.

Other Professional Activities

Member of Editorial Boards

Assessor/Reviewer of Books – Monographs

  • Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE).

Reviewer for Professional Journals

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agriculture and Human Values
  • British Food Journal
  • Business Strategy and the Environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
  • Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics.
  • Journal of Food Products Marketing
  • International Review of Administrative Sciences
  • Social Responsibility Journal.

Reviewer for Conferences

  • Academy of Management annual meetings.
  • European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE).
  • International Association for Business and Society annual meetings.


  • Academy of Management