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P. Komilis, N. Vagionis, C. Karmas, A. Mylonas, M. Papadimitriou, G. Papapolymerou. 2001. | ISBN: 960-341-040-3


The Tourist Development of the Prefecture, being the scope of this study, the main task of the study is to articulate a long-term strategic development plan. This includes programmes and policy measures along with categories of tourist development projects. More specifically, the study includes:

In the first chapter the relevant theoretical framework is identified and several definitons regarding the study are given. The focus of the second chapter is the examination of the product base of the prefecture, that is all factors, along with tourism, that contribute to development procedure. In the third chapter the focus is on the sector of Tourism. The relevant recources and capacities along with the main problems are identified and highlighted. In the fourth chapter the above results are brought in front of the local actors and their oppinions are recorded through scheduled meetings and questionnaires. Alternative development scenarios are also examined. In the fifth chapter the Strategic Plan for Tourist Development is laid down. The main directives for the organisation of the toyrist industry and the spatial planning of tourism are set. In the sixth and last chapter specific programmes are analysed along with specific policy measures, together with certain types of projects that are considered representative or pilot ones for the development of tourism.

The study team consists of P. Comilis, scientific responsible, N. Vagionis, K. Karmas, A. Mylonas, M. Papadimitriou and G. Papapolymerou with technical support from V. Metaxotou and C. Alpogianis. The general responsibility for the publication of the study was held by N. Vagionis.


The study team wishes to thank the Prefect of Evia, mr. Bouradas, mr. Karlis, mr. Vlachos, mr.Mitropetros and various local actors of the prefecture for their constructive inputs.