Published in REPORTS

V. Dedeyan, D. Katochianou, A. Lambropoulou. 2000. | ISBN: 960-341-130-6


This report is a part of the study "Plan for the management of water resources of Greece" by Athens Technical University. In this context KEPE presented the socioeconomic idendity of 14 water divisions.

The report consists of a general part about methodology and sources of statistical data and of the part of interregional and by water division presentation and analysis of historical data for the last twenty years.


Particularly, the basic socioeconomic characteristics of the water division level are presented and afterwards for the whole country. Also, projections have been made in respect to the dynamics of the system.
In the next stage, estimations of present and future water needs by permanent and temporal population of each water division are presented.


Finally the targets of development policy for each water division proposed by the EE Framework Plan are reported.


In conclusion, it is an exercise to define a water management plan adapted to the targets set of EE Framework Plan II. The report concludes with the points of policy intervention that secure efficient contribution to sustainable development of the regions.