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R. Karagiannis, A. Kotsi, E. Athanassiou, E.  Nitsi, I. Cholezas. 2017. | ISBN 978-960-341-119-2


ek 78 cover 200x294

The present report evaluates the process of enactment and implementation of specific structural reforms relating to competition, examines the resulting changes in the operation of the relevant markets, and assesses, to the extent possible, the effects on key economic aggregates (prices, employment, and new entries). The legislative interventions considered in the study were part of Greece’s reform programme and represented commitments of the country in the framework of the Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies. The reforms were pursued, mostly, following recommendations of the OECD, and refer to the sectors of food processing (bakeries), retail trade (retail trade of baby milk, retail trade of dietary supplements and vitamins, and retail sales and offers) and building materials (distribution of cement/dispatching centres).

The methodology adopted includes the review of the legal framework before and after the adoption of the relevant legislative reforms; the assessment of the reforms by use of the OECD competition assessment toolkit; the compilation of tables recording the prior status of regulations as well as the changes resulting from the legislative reforms; and the assessment of the impact with respect to the entry and exit of businesses from the relevant sectors, the creation or loss of jobs, and the prices of the relevant products. With respect to the impact assessment, the methodological approaches employed in the case studies varied, and were selected on the basis of the different types of reforms evaluated, the particular characteristics of the individual markets examined, as well as the availability of statistical data and information.





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